Lunes, Enero 26, 2015

Another First

How do i begin.... perhaps by asking all of you to welcome my new blog spot. Well this isn't my first time to try something like this but I was not able to update my previous blogs and now I can't even remember my previous passwords and phone numbers (gave birth twice, so yeah). So here I am today, writing my first blog as a stay home mom and wife. I left my previous job June of last year, so technically I've been a hands on Mom for nearly 8 months. Most of the time I am busy with the kids; mostly planning on what to cook morning, noon and night. Which I must say is the most challenging part being a stay home mom.

Since then I have discovered new things, food, cleaning products, teaching habits and most importantly I was re introduced to my husband and children.
I have been married for almost 11 years, blessed with 2 wonderful children; a boy and a girl (10 and 5 years old respectively).

It wasn't easy at first, since I've been a working parent for the past 6 years and I must say this has been the most challenging months of my life. Reason why I decided to start a blog about this journey that I am in, so I can share my discoveries and experiences to Mothers like me. Likewise, learn from other Mothers who might have the same experience. This is just a start and I will include this to my new years resolutions (of course on top of that list is to lose weight which I never intend to keep). Help me in welcoming myself to my new 
blog spot. Expect more posts in the next few days, okay maybe weeks, alright
alright!!! Months. I am a Mommy OK!!! :) 

While I'm writing this blog, I am helping my daughter with her homework
about Yamang lupa.